The only way to do great work is to love what you do.



We get kicks out of growing businesses, especially yours. Like a plant, small businesses need to be nurtured and so we provide the care and conditions to empower you to grow. We exist to guide, develop and execute events that use innovation, design, experience and connection to set an example for all involved; you and your clients, our suppliers and ourselves. The beauty is that as we're growing your event, we're growing your business too. Cool, huh? 

amy savage


Fuelled by the belief that events have the power to bring people together for the greater good, Amy knows that great things happen when you put on a stellar event. With experience in conferencing, seminars and workshops, Amy thrives off developing events that are successful for all involved; her clients, their guests, the suppliers and her team.

Amy marries her coaching experience and love for helping others grow and develop with her event management expertise. Offering coaching services to fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs, Amy guides them through the event planning process and helps their business grow.

Amy will be your biggest believer with some seriously positive vibes to give. Your instant best friend (she can't help herself), who wants to do what she does best just so that you can do the same, cannot wait to meet you!





As a Professional Speaker, adrenaline junkie and realist visionary, Ben brings a whole lot of strategy to the table, always with a pinch of fun. He lives with a 98% visual impairment yet sees clearer than ever before and provides not stop inspiration (seriously, check him out!).

Ben is a born leader and coach. He just gets it, you know? After losing his eyesight he was able to still coach a basketball team to victory simply by recognising that although he could no longer operate in the same way, he could still achieve the same result, he just had to go about it differently. This natural gift to innovate is complimented by his ability to understand and to communicate effectively what it is that will make you stand out.

Ben is your confidence booster with a killer smile and a calmness to die for. Amazingly enough, he even has an eye for design, go figure! As real as they come, working with Ben is always a good time. He really is one in a million, just ask him (ha!).


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