6 Ways To Make Your Event Vibe = Your Brand Vibe

Events grow business, but not just any event, a branded event will grow business. To brand an event is to give life to your event by considering your business brand when planning and executing each and every element of your event. Sounds easy? Think again. It can be seriously hard to translate your brand throughout your entire event in stylistic and pleasing way. 

We recently attended the Marketing Blast Off Workshop hosted by the funky-fresh team from Basic Bananas, a marketing agency like no other who graced the Melbourne CBD from the laid back yet bustling Northern Beaches of Sydney. Already it sounds cool, right? It was.

Thinking we would learn more about innovative, creative marketing from the content delivered, we actually learned the most by being present and immersed in the event elements. From the smiley ‘good morning’ at the registration table to the gifting of a Hawaiian lei upon arrival to the room setting, it was a half day workshop bound to be different (thank goodness!).

It confirmed to us that we’re on to something here. Physical, tangible branding and marketing is ripe and alive in the event space. The two dimensional branding of a business that you see on a business card, across social media or on a website is one thing, but to allow that to spill out in to real life at an event where your brand can be an experience for your clients is a whole ‘nother thing entirely.

Here at Events By Example, using your business brand as the foundation for designing and developing your event is a must. By ignoring it, you will be confusing your audience and making them second guess your ability to provide the products and services you share. Let’s avoid confusing the market at all costs, deal? Using Basic Bananas and their Marketing Blast Off workshop, here’s how to achieve an event vibe that is 100% your brand vibe:

Your event deserves a name, and a cool one at that! But hold up, what are your existing brand attributes? Are you reliable and diligent? Fun and cutting edge? Educational and innovative? And who are your ideal clients? Are they in the corporate world? Do they love adventure and doing things differently? Whatever it is, know who you are for them and who they are for you. Get your brand character and your client avatar solid and the next part should be easy! For Basic Bananas, they really are funky and fresh. They are innovative in their approach to marketing and know that they work with small businesses who are ready to stand out amongst the rest. Their clients want to change the way they do things in order to see their business soar, hence the ‘Blast Off!’ name. 

It is time to manipulate your business brand to market your event. Whether it be the stye of imagery, the font you use, the colour scheme and/or the language you use, market your event in a similar fashion to your entire business. When we think Basic Bananas, we think yellow and yellow is what we saw as the Marketing Blast Off event followed us around all over social media (they’re clever!). This was teamed with their typical, relaxed yet confident and somewhat cheeky language that makes you feel relaxed and as if you’re being spoken to by your best friend. Using the look and feel of your everyday brand, create a concept that runs parallel for your event. Don’t create something entirely different, it will only make more work for you and your team and you will cause your audience confusion (we agreed not to do that, remember?).

Now that you have your event name, how can you support this with event styling? The first thing to note is that event styling does not have to be a huge exercise that sucks the event budget. It is within the styling that you can get super resourceful and use the simplest of things to achieve a huge impact. Basic Bananas nailed it and trust us, it didn’t cost them the world. The essence of their brand vibe is tropical, featuring a tropical fruit (a banana, duh) at the centre of their branding. From this stems palm trees, pineapples, sandy beaches and relaxation. To pass this vibe on to everyone who walked through the door of their event, a lei was placed over the heads of us all and immediately, we had be blasted to the Basic Bananas tropical island. Before sitting down, you removed the banana pen (of course) and the Basic Bananas chocolate coin (because that is what you do on holidays, eat chocolate!) from your chair and then set your sights on the image of a beach projected on to the screen between two gorgeous indoor plants. We were in the perfect environment to learn and absorb…ahhhh, how nice.

This is where things get interesting and can be challenging. If you’re like us, venue research can take, what seems like, forever! If this is the case, we applaud you because you must recognise the importance of selecting a venue that meets and/or exceeds quite a few requirements and expectations. Again, Basic Bananas got it right. Not only was their venue (Vibe Savoy) close to the largest train station in the Melbourne CBD where accessibility, parking and food is easy but they chose a venue that also has quite a cool brand yet wouldn’t break the event budget. Sounds good, doesn’t it our fellow entrepreneurs?! Tip: If you decide to cut costs and corner (we’re all guilty of it, we promise!) when selecting a venue, this will have an impact on your sales conversations and conversions at the conclusion of your event. No body wants to hang out after an event in a venue that has stained, uncomfortable seats, abrupt carpet and walls that are in desperate of a new coat of paint. Be vain and understand that the investment you make in an event venue will impact your return on investment. We’re huge fans of the Event  Hospitality + Entertainment Hotels (especially the Art Series Hotels and QT Hotels) for any biz with flair which, let’s face it, we all have to have in this day and age. 

Simple yet effective. Visually appealing yet informative. It is easy to get carried away with words and colours making your presentation an ugly distraction. Using tropical landscapes and objects (so many pineapples and bananas, yum!) as the background, often in black and white, Basic Bananas complimented their event styling whilst showcasing their business brand AND they gave us something gorgeous to inspire us. Complimented by short statements and bullet points, within the presentation was exactly what the delegates needed, nothing more and nothing less.

You know what your client avatar is like but what are your event team and volunteers like? Your brand is built to appeal to your ideal client so having a team that fits this persona to speak and show it is crucial to your brand vibe being felt at your event. Often, the event team are the first point of contact for your event attendees and this is where first impressions really count. A bubbly, bright, friendly lady met us as we entered the Marketing Blast Off workshop and instantly we were made to feel welcomed, at ease and encouraged to be excited for what was about to be delivered. How can you achieve this same result and who can assist you with this? Remember, this doesn’t have to be a member of your team (if you have one of those!) and can be a volunteer or an event professional who familiarises and invests themselves in your business and brand. Get creative, it is amazing what you can do with the right people around you.

Get your brain ticking, it’s time to piece your event together or to shake your existing event planning up a little. Want some more guidance? We’re here for you. Amy and Ben here at Events By Example offer Free Event Consultation Calls to further understand your event and offer event planning and execution advice. Find out more HERE.

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