There Is No Event Cookie Cutter!

So you go to a seminar and you know what to expect. You go to a conference and you know what to expect. You go to a cocktail party and you know what to expect. Yawn!

We had a conversation recently with a client and our co-founder Amy said, ‘Yes that is typical of a half day seminar but why on earth would you want to run a cookie cutter event?’. Drop. The. Mic. But seriously, why would you? This event represents your business and it is an opportunity to stand out so why do it like everybody else? Take this opportunity by the organic, refined sugar free, locally sourced bliss balls and give people something to talk about!

How do you do this? Well we suggest first asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Where are event similar to mine typically held?

  2. What time do events similar to mine start and finish?

  3. What is the set up style of events similar to mine?

  4. What do people do at events similar to mine?

  5. What do people eat and drink at events similar to mine?

You get the picture? Think about what people who attend events that are hosted by businesses in a similar space do, feel, experience etc. and flip it on it’s head!

They are held in a hotel function space with plain white walls and uncomfortable seats? Great. Find a venue that has stacks of indoor plants and groovy art on the walls (see. Art Series Hotels). They start at 9am and finish at 5pm? Wonderful. Kick yours off at 3pm and concludes at 9pm. They  drink instant coffee and tea plus eat mints all day and then have to BYO lunch. Unlucky. Serve your guests a welcome cocktail and have a big, delicious table long platter for people to pick at that not only tastes good but looks good (see Your Platter Matters OMG!).

Don’t be afraid to do things differently, especially if your brand itself is different. We’re all for it and know it will work in your favour. Now, get planning!