What Event Type Will Grow My Business?

So you’d like to run an event. Brilliant! We’re all for that….but what kind of event were you thinking?

There are so many types of events out there and confusion as to which type is the right type for you and your business is very normal. Have a read of our event type descriptions to help you understand which fits your needs best. If that doesn’t help, we’ve even got a quiz for you to take that will tell you the event type that will grow your business based on what you’re aiming to achieve. Enjoy!


Typically one day in duration with it becoming increasingly popular to host a half day program, a seminar gets people in a room that want to learn a thing or two from you (we’re sure it’s more than that 😉).  Seminars are usually fairly small in  size and focus on a single topic for your audience to absorb and apply to their own life and/or business after the event concludes.

For businesses who wish to incorporate live events in to their business model, seminars are a great event type to offer as a freebie where you can then promote and sell a product from stage to turn your event guests into paying clients. Although there is an initial expense, if you host a great event, you should see a ROI plus a significant profit from sales of your products and services.


Like a seminar, workshops are popular events to offer free of charge to your guests in order to promote products and services at the end of your event to secure clients. Workshops are not limited in duration restrictions however, a one day workshop, even a half day, is most common especially when being offered for free.

Featuring one or more facilitators,  workshop style events allows knowledge to be shared and action can be taken by guests in real time by way of worksheets and/or task orientated activities. Typically very interactive, we’re huge fans of workshops!


Combine a seminar with a couple of workshops, a nice lunch followed by a dinner and you’ve got yourself a conference. Featuring multiple speakers and facilitators, a conference allows information on various topics that all fit within a singular theme to be communicated by experts in their field.

Attendance for a conference is typically high however, it is the format of the event that determines a conference as opposed to the people you get through the door. Often a conference will kick off with what they call a Plenary Session which is simply a session where all attendees are in the one room hearing the same information. This is then followed by people dispersing to various sessions of interest based on their individual information wants and needs. We call these sessions Breakout Sessions.

Conferences are great to build in to a businesses event calendar annually if it fits. Attendees may not be clients or members of your business but by attending your conference, they are aware of your brand and now your database meaning a client conversion could be just around the corner.


A Trade Show or Exhibition is often held by an association or organisation that you may be a member or follower of. Think Wedding Expos, Industry Trade Shows, Design Markets and Creative Fairs that feature an array of different businesses displaying their products and services to potential buyers from the public.

To feature at a Trade Show or Exhibition can be costly but there are many creative ways you can stand out amongst the crowd in order to grow your database, sell you product and offer your services in person at the event and long after too. 


The possibilities are endless with a product launch! Although huge fans of live events, online events are also a popular way of spreading the news about your new and upcoming product or service.

Our favourite launch style is a basic cocktail party where your guests are invited for free to hear about your book journey, sip on some beverages and indulge in canapés. Always be sure to offer a VIP package that entitles your guests to a signed copy of your book as well as anything else you can offer which will then encourage book sales for those who do not chose to upgrade to the VIP package.

Product launches are fun and people love them! To be the first to experience something is something us humans crave and it is often easy to get people to attend. Great for networking opportunities for you and your guests, product launches are a he win win for all involved.


Sometimes your clients and potential clients need to be spoiled. Cocktail parties and dinner events by invitation only for those in your network are a great way to give back to your clients to say thank you but also a great excuse to ask them to invite people in their own circles who have not come across your business before. Think of it as a soft referral system.

Depending on what your business financials can hack, these events could be offered free to your clients or at varying ticketing costs based on time of ticket purchase (early bird rates), seating arrangement (VIP Status) etc. Be consistent with these types of events too. If it is an annual event, it is something your clients can look forward to lashing out on and getting dressed up for.


With social responsibility now being a must in our society, events are an awesome way to showcase that you and your business cares.

Turning your annual dinner or cocktail party into a charity event for a specific cause will generate greater attendance by your clients and networks in which you haven’t had contact with before. It will also lead to great brand awareness and recognition making you known for your event and support given to charities and/or social enterprises. Dig deep and get creative, charity events are a beautiful way to pass on your success and heart and provides a platform for your clients to do the same. They are also our very favourite events because no matter what we have, there is always something to give to those who need it more. Mmmm warm fuzzier all round!

Still bamboozled? Never fear. Our What Event Type Will Grow My Business Quiz will give you all the answers. Take the Quiz now!

Amy Savage