When Million Dollar Branders CEO, Justine Pogroske, poured her heart and soul into a book and became an author, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate. Justine gives her all to everything she does and she wanted nothing less for her book launch, especially considering the book title is 'Make S#IT Happen'!

Lucky for Justine, not only does she have an awesome Million Dollar Branders family, she has a rich network of people she can band together with to make S#IT happen. Lucky for us, she considered Events By Example to fit the brief and got us on board too. So we let the creative minds behind Million Dollar Branders do the branding and styling and we took on the finer details and the 'event bible' a.k.a the event run sheet. 

From making sure the speakers had all the info they needed to ensuring the event timings made sense and worked on paper as well as on the night, we took charge to roll out an electric book launch that wowed Justine's friends, family, clients and people new to her network. We loved it!

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— Justine Pogroske