having conversations considered too hot2handle was our mission.

The best way to describe Rebecca Tapp is by using the phrase 'dream activating, corporate hippie' because she is just that (plus so much more, of course!). After repeat conversations had between her network that she knew would be happening within other friendship groups but never out in public, Rebecca decided that an event series was needed to facilitate the conversations of topics considered taboo.

After matching the event brand to an event venue, Events By Example was brought in to take over from there. Generating and managing ticket sales,  arranging the catering, negotiating drink prices for our thirsty guests, welcoming and registering our guests, taking photos and then some, it was a grassroots approach to an event that really was setting an example in more ways that one.

Events By Example managed everything for me ensuring that our event was not only a huge success but also a magical experience for our guests from the moment they arrived to the moment they left. I would highly recommend engaging Events By Example for any event management requirements.
— Rebecca Tapp