SPEAKING at an event like vivid sydney is kind of a big deal.

This was a huge moment for permaculturist, Cecilia Macauley, so she had to make sure she absolutely nailed it. So how did she do it? Well, she quickly decided where her talents and skills lay and everything that didn't fall within her strengths, she outsourced.

Event planning and management is not a job Cecilia wanted to spend her precious time and energy on and so she called on Events By Example to take over all aspects of the event. We gathered the audience, gave her event an online presence, welcomed her sold out room, managed the audio visual technicians, managed the event team, kept Cecilia to time, arranged for the entire event to be documented, sipped on a celebratory champagne and much more.

It was fabulous!

It was a beautiful event, quite like a dream. You worked so hard and so well! Thank you.
— Cecilia Macauley